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Steve Eckelman

Emmy Award winning documentary producer, actor, and author Steve Eckelman talks about facing alcoholism, breaking cycles of self-sabotage and self-reliance in favor of more community-minded patterns, and learning to swim at 47 years of age.

Gemma Correll

Popular English artist, cartoonist, and author Gemma Correll focuses on mental health in a relatable, humorous way through her comic drawings. She discusses her life confronting phobias, coping mechanisms, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the "double-edged sword" of social media.

Dr. Sheila Newsom

Born to a family of forward-thinkers in West Texas, Dr. Sheila Newsom graduated from West Point and went on to an exciting and elite role in the military. After medical school, Dr. Newsom confronted alcoholism with the "soul work" eventually needed to transition from a male to female body.

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Speak As One

Through our own battles and triumphs with mental health, we learned how helpful it is to have things on hand to create safety when our minds feel injured. For physical injuries, we believe in doctors to help guide and identify what we are going through and why. We believe in the casts, stitches, and braces needed to heal correctly. That's the spirit in which we created our boxes and filmed our stories. Think of Speak As One as a first-aid support kit for your mind.

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